Tuesday, January 08, 2013

"Naturally, you don't want your ideal to do card tricks"

I work a later shift today, so I spent the morning enjoying PRESTON STURGES' masterpiece romantic comedy, "THE LADY EVE."
BARBARA STANWYCK plays a con artist who falls in love with her intended prey, a shy snake experct played by HENRY FONDA.
When Fonda learns about Stanwyck's shady past, he abruptly ends the relationship and breaks his lover's heart in the process.
Scorned, Stanwyck masquerades as a visiting English noblewoman in order to ensnare, then emotionally terrorise the smitten Fonda.
Sturges gave Stanwyck many of the film's brilliant lines. When an angry Stanwyck decides to target Fonda for humiliation, she declares: 
"I need him like the axe needs the turkey."
It's a romantic screwball comedy, of course, so it ends happily and with much humor.
Sturges at his best, in other words.


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