Friday, December 28, 2012

Admiring Dassin's intelligent shot composition

I've long admired the work of JULES DASSIN.
Last night, I watched the film many critics consider the exiled American director's masterpiece.
"NIGHT AND THE CITY" is a 1950 FILM NOIR shot on location in London. RICHARD WIDMARK plays an ambitious but unlucky American hustler who aims too high -- attempting to seize control of London's wrestling racket from a powerful gangster, played by (the always wonderful) HERBERT LOM.
The plot is entertaining, the location shooting is gritty and Dassin's shot composition is astounding.
I knew from "RIFIFI" that Dassin knew how to utilize close-up shots to maximum effect. In "Night and the City," he arranges characters within close-ups to show connections between people.
If you like the film noir genre, you will love "Night and the City" -- there's enough double-crossing for everyone.
If you love a beautifully and intelligently shot film, you'll love the movie, too.


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