Wednesday, January 02, 2013

It felt like an entire weekend in a single day

I needed yesterday.
I needed a day of lounging on the couch, watching FOOTBALL on TV and sipping MIMOSAS.
I needed it because I have been operating in high gear at work, where the story requirements to fill a NEWSPAPER have continued in the face of HOLIDAYS and coworkers on vacation. In short, my workload has placed me under great strain.
That's why I needed a day like yesterday, where I could leisurely watch games such as the 99th ROSE BOWL.
STANFORD opened the game seemingly set to gorge itself on scoring, only for WISCONSIN to shove the contest the other direction -- into grind-it-out mode.
Stanford beat Wisconsin, 20-14, largely thanks to Usua Amanam's late interception that snuffed out a Badger drive with 2:30 remaining in the game.
I watched parts of other bowl games, too, on a day when I felt too lazy to even take a nap.
It was a respite I desperately needed -- it felt like an entire weekend in a single day.


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