Saturday, May 12, 2012

The joys of keeping score

On a whim, I decided to do something at the ballpark today that I haven't done in ages.
I kept score. 
The MILWAUKEE BREWERS beat the CHICAGO CUBS, 8-2, and my family was among the 42,339 spectators.
I was the only one of my group scribbling numerical and other symbols on paper following every play. 
That was a ground out, with the shortstop catching the ball and tossing it to the first basemen. 
That was a strikeout. 
A line up the right-hand side of a diamond, with "1B" written on the side? 
That was a single. 
During my college years, I *always* seemed to keep score at baseball games. I love it. It was a way to focus on the game, as well as a way to remember the game days, weeks or even months later.
I'm not sure why I quit, but I know after today that I want to get back into the habit. 
One of the notations on my scorecard today is a filled-in diamond, with "HR" written on the left-hand side. The three diamonds above this diamond were also completely darkened by my pen.
 They represent the first Major-League grand slam by Brewers second basemen Edwin Maysonet. 
That's a special moment I am glad I will remember, thanks to my scorecard.


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