Friday, May 04, 2012

BiRtHdAy WeEk Friday Question is about...

Here at ROUTE 1, we can never understand people who don't care for their BIRTHDAY.
Why? It's a holiday invented just for you!
In honor of BiRtHdAy WeEk, readers answer the following FRIDAY QUESTION:
KERI M. -- Sleep in and do nothing.
RICK T. -- My wife, Tina, and I share the same birthday date, Aug. 25th. I like to take her out to celebrate both our birthdays.
SANDYE V. -- I like to go out for supper in a nice restaurant. Since my birthday is in January, I also like to NOT shovel or drive in the snow.
BRIAN M. -- Since I am blessed with having a birthday in the summer, my birthday usually includes two of my favorite things, baseball and a road trip. I was fortunate last year to make it up to Everett, WA, and the last of the Northwest League ballparks I had not seen.
ERIK H. -- I like to listen to good music and eat good food with my family.


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