Thursday, May 10, 2012

Enjoying an old favorite: It's "Help!"

The girls and I enjoyed an old favorite on DVD last night, watching RICHARD LESTER'S second film with THE BEATLES, "HELP!," on our new, big television.
The songs are memorable, the gags are hilarious and the cast (including Leo McKern and Victor Spinetti) is remarkable.
Critic Stanley Green described "Help!" as "combining Marx Brothers gags with a James Bond spoof in a manner predating television's 'Monty Python.'"
"As he had in their first film, director Richard Lester put the boys through a frenzied pace which found John, Paul, George and Ringo -- each one seemingly a variation on the three others -- performing their numbers on a television screen, at a recording session, in their London flat, on Salisbury Plain, in the snow and on a Bahamian beach," Green writes.
We thoroughly enjoyed "Help!" and the 90 minutes were up all too soon.