Friday, May 25, 2012

Great look at the Boy

The homecoming from my SAN FRANCISCO trip included watching a BBC-TV drama about KERSTIN'S latest interest.
"WORRIED ABOUT THE BOY" is Julian Jarrold's drama about the early career of BOY GEORGE -- moving from squatter working in the cloakroom of the Blitz nightclub to fronting CULTURE CLUB during the band's inaugural appearance on "Top of the Pops."
DOUGLAS BOOTH is astounding as Boy George -- looking the part and cracking one-liners like a real-life George O'Dowd.
The remainder of the cast is also great, including Freddie Fox as the Monroe-alike Marilyn, Mark Gatiss as Malcolm McLaren and MATHEW HORNE -- yes, Gavin out of "Gavin & Stacey" -- as Culture Club drummer Jon Moss.
The 2010 film is available on iTunes if you're interested. I highly recommend it.