Monday, April 16, 2012

The Tubes: Not an insomnia cure

Don't listen to THE TUBES if you are struggling with INSOMNIA.
I tried that tactic the other night, and I found myself laughing and thinking instead of snoozing and snoring.
Originating in PHOENIX before establishing their base in SAN FRANCISCO, the band were a satirical, theatrical band that took glam rock to the extreme that would eventually produce punk.
The Rough Guide to Rock once described the band's stage performances as "'Starlight Express' costumed by suppliers to peep shows."
"White Punks on Dope," "Don't Touch Me There" and "Mondo Bondage" are songs that sound like the results of ironic art and drama students given the keys to the music room -- which is essentially what happened.
I always thought the 1980s output -- including hits "Talk to Ya Later" and "She's a Beauty" -- was a little too close to the corporate rock the Tubes were presumably satirizing, but there is no denying the strength of the songs.
In short, there is too much to think about and enjoy with the Tubes for the band to ever serve as an insomnia cure.
Awake at midnight? Seek your slumbering solution elsewhere.


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