Sunday, April 08, 2012

An Easter strut with the Stray Cats

Happy EASTER everyone!
Along with Peeps and Reese's peanut- butter-and-chocolate Easter eggs, the famous BUNNY apparently implanted a song in my head -- I woke up singing along to "STRAY CAT STRUT."
I decided I would follow the lead and listen to some real STRAY CATS music while I prepared for work this morning.

The Stray Cats' story is one that always makes me smile. Rockabilly prophets without honor in their own country, the band had to relocate to Britain for any recognition. Only having captivated the Brits could the band return to the States as conquering heroes.
I tried to explain the Stray Cat phenomenon to the girls the other day. Basically, rockabilly music was thought to have been extinct by most people. It was the loosening of musical bonds wrought by punk that enabled its practitioners to emerge from the shadows.
Yeah, Stray Cats seems like a good band to enjoy today.


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