Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Dread deejays' day in the sun

Combining DREADLOCK deejay chants about praising Jah and hunting barbers with BUNNY LEE'S echoing effects of dub-style production tricks produces an atmospheric, other-worldly form of REGGAE that sounds great while driving around in bright, late-afternoon sunshine.
I know, because that's what I did yesterday.
I was listening to "IF DEEJAY WAS YOUR TRADE," a compilation of tracks Lee produced in 1974-77.
"Jah is I Guiding Star" by Tappa Zukie, "Bury the Barber" by Jah Stitch and "Regular Girl" by Dillinger are among my favorite tracks on the album.
The weather has warmed, so my love affair with reggae has done the same. A memorable song such as "Gal Boy I Roy" by Prince Jazzbo helps fuel the passion.


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