Friday, March 30, 2012

What would you do with a time machine?

ROUTE 1 gives readers an opportunity to use their imagination this week, thanks to the following FRIDAY QUESTION:
"You have a time machine and one hour to use it. What year would you aim for and why?"
KERI M. -- 1988. I would take my fiance to the year that my Grandpa was still alive so that they could meet each other.
JOHN S. -- October 1955. That's when Emmet Brown came up with the idea for the Flux Capacitor...which is what makes time travel possible.

MIKE D. -- 2005, when my parents were in the last months of their lives, so I could spend more time with them.
STEVE M. -- 1968 to reconcile my memories of that year with the actual feel. So much great music, and real life tragedy. What was the feel on the street in LA, NYC, and London. Oh yes, I could zip over to Rishikesh too for 15 minutes. Is my time machine like a matter transporter as well? Is that an option, like leather seats?
RICK T. -- 1959 so I could see my dad one more time. He died in 1960.
SASKIA M. -- I'd pick up my Mom and travel with her to the early sixties and spend an hour on the flea-market in Amsterdam.
JIM S. -- The year - and hour - that Jesus did his Sermon on the Mount. (Would it be 32 AD?) I would love to hear his voice and see the people's reactions to his words. Of course, I'd need an interpreter to understand Him.
ERIK H. -- 1912. I'd say to the captain of the Titanic: "Hey, don't you think you should be looking out for icebergs?"


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