Monday, April 09, 2012

Ahoj! Who's up for a (pretend) trip to Prague?

The problem with reading "THE LONELY PLANET GUIDE TO EASTERN EUROPE" is that I tend to convince myself that I need to visit every location I read about.
That's why I have decided I want to visit PRAGUE.
I want to see the castle and the other fine buildings, sure, but I also want to sip PIVA (beer) in a tavern, watch DUKLA PRAGUE play football and gaze up at the ŽIŽKOV TELEVISION TOWER.
I realize I'll probably never actually arrive in Prague, but it's important for me to have that dream. It helps keep my curiosity nice and healthy.
The next chapter of the book is about ESTONIA, so watch this space for a short essay on my new-found love for TALLINN.


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