Friday, April 13, 2012

Favorite foods when we were kids

In the days before confit de canard, anago nigirizushi and Qorma palao there was something called STUFF WE ATE WHEN WE WERE KIDS.
ROUTE 1 returns to those simpler, narrower-palate times with this week's FRIDAY QUESTION:
"What was your favorite food as a kid?"
INGER H. -- Probably Mac and Cheese. It's still my go-to comfort food. Oh, and I'm not talking about your fancy "truffle-oil-and-gruyere" nonsense, I'm talking about the stuff made from bright orange powder. Mmmm.... powder.
MIKE M. -- Chicken fried steak with cream gravy and white rice -- my favorite as kid and adult.
JOHN S. -- My mom's roast beef.
ROSEANNE H. -- Venison steak.
KERI M. -- Peanut butter and banana sandwiches.
KERSTIN H. -- I have always loved anything pasta or seafood.
STACEY B. -- Cupcakes baked in ice cream cones. Yummy!
SANDYE V. -- Corn on the cob!
MIKE D. -- I was a very picky eater. Among my limited menu was hot dogs, scrambled eggs, butter-fried noodles and buttered bread with baked bean juice. School lunch was a bologna or grape jelly sandwich. And my favorite snack was cookies!
BEKAH P. -- That cheap boxed macaroni and cheese. I've grown up a bit, in that I like homemade mac and cheese with expensive, fancy cheese. Yummy
JIM S. -- I really liked what my mom called her "hot dish." It was a simple casserole she created that included hamburger, potatoes and carrots, mixed with cream of mushroom soup. As a horribly fussy eater in those days (not much better today), I thought I was quite the connoisseur to be able to eat such a "complex" meal.
ERIK H. -- I loved my mom's taco salad (still do), but my greatest passion was an afternoon spent watching Japanese monster movies with a big plastic cup full of sugared cereal and milk.


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