Friday, March 09, 2012

I know it's around here somewhere

Now, I know this week's FRIDAY QUESTION was around ROUTE 1 somewhere, but... Ah, here we go:
"What's an item you always seem to misplace?"
JOHN S. -- My keys.
KERI M. -- My phone.
SANDYE V. -- Pens. I have them everywhere -- purse, car, desks -- but at a crucial moment (phone call, interview), there never seems to be one (that works.)
JIM S. -- My glasses. I don't wear them at work; only for driving, going to movies, watching TV, etc. So I take them off when needing to look at something close up, set them down and walk away. It's a regular joke around my house.
BRIAN M. -- I don't seem to misplace these, but I always seem to leave cellphone chargers lying around. I now have one that I leave at home and one I specifically take with me on the road... and I still sometimes leave the "traveling" charger. In fact, it's on a plug-in more than 200 miles away as we speak. I just bought another one that recharges through the PC with a USB end.
SASKIA M. -- My keys.
RICK T. -- My glasses!
KERSTIN H. -- My glasses.
BEKAH P. -- Pens. I am always using them to journal, make lists, make notes in a good book, do homework, etc., but whenever I want to use one, I have to spend 5 minutes or so hunting one down. I've tried to designate "pen places," but I raid the stash, carry them off, and the search begins all over again!
STACEY B. -- My phone.
MIKE D. -- I must be getting old, because it's the car keys. Also, the TV remote, but I can blame that on the kids.
ERIK H. -- CDs! I always seem to be searching through a pile of CDs for just that one song that I *really* need to add to my iPod.


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