Thursday, March 08, 2012

A little 10cc with my spring

The funny, catchy and memorable music of 10CC seemed like the perfect accompaniment to a SPRING thaw we experienced this week.
Writer Frank W. Hoffmann described the Manchester band as being "rivaled only by singer/songwriter Randy Newman as multilevel humorists -- spanning satire, black comedy, word play and nonsense verse."
"Within the rock music scene, 10cc also excelled within the realm of pure music: All members were consummate songwriters and studio producers both inside and outside the band," Hoffmann writes.
This musical ability elevates songs such as "RUBBER BULLETS" beyond the status of novelty tunes.
Inventive arrangements and melodic hooks sit side-by-side with funny lyrics in 10cc's canon.
The combination provides for sunny listening -- just the way to celebrate recent springlike days.


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