Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer of memories

ROUTE 1 is about to head back to school -- for a week. We're involved in a health-journalism "boot camp" at the UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI.
The school year is drawing nearer for other people, too, leading to this week's FRIDAY QUESTION:
"What will you remember most about this summer?"
RICK T. -- Going to Nashville Tennessee and recording my CD.
SASKIA M. -- Finally temperatures to my liking: nice and hot!
JIM S. -- Besides the horrible heat and record-setting rain, I'll remember my Dairy Queen Little League team's third-place tournament finish and winding up my book about tri-state high school boys basketball.
KERI M. -- Getting a Wii for my birthday!
MARY N.-P. -- For all the beauty and quiet of glorious summer nights, so many of the days were BEASTLY HOT! I've never wiped my brow (and neck and back and arms, etc . etc,) so often - without much success. Someone likened the days inside because of the oppressive heat to the long, dark days inside in the dead of winter...
ANNIKA H. -- Going to St. Louis for Kerstin's 16th birthday.
SANDYE V. -- The obvious answer is heat and flood. But summer is always hot and Benton only got 3 1/2 inches of rain when Dubuque got 14. I'll remember it as the summer of the Japanese beetles: the thumb-size iridescent green ones, not the ones that look like ladybugs. They chew up leaves until there's nothing left but lacy shell. Once a day I collect the beetles where they clump (reproducing? ick) and drop them by the dozens into a container of soapy water. If everyone did this, we could eradicate them!!!
BRIAN M. -- I will most remember how LATE the summer started. By my count, we've only had about a month of REAL summer.
MIKE D. -- Being so-o-o-o busy running to all of my kids' baseball and soccer games and practices. And the flood.
ERIK H. -- The hot weather and the flood, but also the days when I was the only person up in the morning because Jill was off work and the girls were sleeping in.


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