Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Rioting strikes the places I love

I came home from work last night and sat transfixed, listening on BBC LONDON 94.9 online as the LONDON RIOTING spread to more of the places I love.
The mayhem in Mare Street, HACKNEY struck close to where my sister INGER and I enjoyed a Christmas pantomime at the wonderful Hackney Empire theatre.
The violence in NOTTING HILL struck close to where we stayed during our London visit. BRIXTON felt the wrath of the looting youths the night before. I had spent a day wandering the market along Brixton's famed Electric Avenue.
Rioting has spread across all parts of London, with no immediate hints that the unrest will conclude any time soon.
Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham and Bristol also saw violence in rioting that has forced the postponement of FOOTBALL matches, too -- today's Carling Cup matches at Charlton, West Ham, Crystal Palace and Bristol City as well as tomorrow's scheduled friendly between England and Holland at Wembley.
There's no telling when it will end, or how many more of my favorite places will become engulfed.


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