Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beginning Felder's tale

I've begun reading "HEAVEN AND HELL: MY LIFE IN THE EAGLES (1974-2001)" an autobiography by DON FELDER, guitarist with the group.
Knowing the story of the EAGLES, there will be plenty of acrimony by the book's end. Now, however, I am reading about Felder's early days in GAINESVILLE, FLA., where he played in a teenage garage band with STEPHEN STILLS, gave guitar lessons to young TOM PETTY and became high school friends with Eagles founder BERNIE LEADON.
Interestingly, Felder is another of the countless musicians who was first influenced by watching ELVIS PRESLEY on television. What are our contemporary equivalents? Could there be any contemporary performers with such power to influence an entire generation?
I'll be interested to see how Felder handles descriptions of his band mates, some of whom do not boast the best reputations.


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