Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's just a phase -- a country rock phase

I popped in a PURE PRAIRIE LEAGUE CD while driving to the FARMERS' MARKET this morning and JILL automatically started echoing the words of "AMIE."
I said:
"Ha! You love it when I'm in a country rock phase because you can finally sing along to the songs I play!"
My current country rock phase began while listening to BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD. It was natural, then, to follow Richie Furay's career path to the absolutely wonderful POCO (my favorite country rock band) and then onto the underrated SOUTHER-HILLMAN-FURAY BAND.
J.D. Souther is a towering country rock songwriter, so I listened to his work with the EAGLES.
When I grew slightly tired of the Eagles' commercialized and streamlined approach, I turned back to DILLARD & CLARK and eventually to Pure Prairie League.
It just seems like the perfect music for the past several days, and Jill is happy, because she can sing along.


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