Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to school Friday Question

Members of the ROUTE 1 family returned to school this week, prompting the latest FRIDAY QUESTION:
"What was the hardest thing about going back to school when you were a kid?"
KERSTIN H. -- Going to bed early n all of the homework.
RICK T. -- Getting up in the mornings.
SANDYE V. -- It was the loss of freedom after 3 months of roaming freely, dressing casually, swimming, bike riding and reading all day --- having to wear a dress (yes!) and sit still at a desk all day in a stifling, stuffy classroom taught by cranky old maids.
INGER H. -- Waking up early. Ugh.
MARY N.-P. -- When I was in 1st grade, in rural southern Georgia, I was so scared about going to school that my mother had to come sit with me in the classroom for the first day or 2 (they apparently allowed that in 1955). I can't remember what upset me, but I must have been shy and clingy or something - yea, that didn't last long. After that, I really loved school, especially those first few days when all your supplies are new and the classrooms are clean and neat and the teachers are fresh and enthusiastic...
JOHN S. -- Wearing the school uniform!
BRIAN C. -- Repeating second grade. Actually, it probably was giving up those seemingly endless hours of sandlot baseball games.
KERI M. -- When I was younger? Nothing. Now? Going back.
ERIK H. -- Not being able to read what I wanted to read.


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