Sunday, August 28, 2011

It became painful to watch

Were MANCHESTER UNITED really that good, or were ARSENAL just awful?
I still hadn't answered this question by the conclusion of United's 8-2 thrashing of the visiting Gunners today, except to tend toward believing that a little bit of both could be true.
game on FOX SOCCER CHANNEL became increasingly difficult to watch, even for 16-year-old daughter KERSTIN -- a United supporter. The gulf in class was just too wide.
The once-proud Arsenal were almost reduced to the status of practice-field cones by rampant United, who were led by hat-trick scoring Wayne Rooney.
I thought Arsenal's defense should shoulder much of the blame, as they routinely looked out of sorts.
The commentators noted that the day's aggregate tally stood at Manchester 13, north London 3, after the day's earlier result: MANCHESTER CITY seeing off TOTTENHAM, 5-1. An utterly forgettable day for London's football clubs, then.


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