Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Cricket beats the heat

It's still early, so the HEAT hasn't yet begun to rise.
DUBUQUE is supposed to reach 95 degrees today, and all I want to do is stay home and listen to CRICKET on the radio.
ENGLAND (486 & 187-2) and SRI LANKA (479) are battling in their second Test at LORD'S CRICKET GROUND.
Lord's is the spiritual home of the sport, and I was lucky to tour the famous ground in London.
Returning to the United States, I described Lord's as a cross between Yankee Stadium and the Baseball Hall of Fame. Lord's combines a legacy of staging many of cricket's historic moments with a museum housing many of the game's most treasured possessions, including the ASHES (the urn symbolically claimed by the winners of the England-Australia arch rivalry).
Cricket's pace makes it the perfect sport for an exceedingly hot day, when you seek shade and avoid excessive movement.
Listening to the sport has become symbolic of an idyllic summer for me, since I first heard the game during a trip to HOLLAND in my youth.
I wish I could just stay home and listen today, while allowing this unseasonably hot day to creep past.


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