Saturday, June 04, 2011

Dub-b-b-b-b-b when it swelters

I can think of no better music on a SWELTERING HOT DAY than DUB REGGAE.
The disembodied beats seem the perfect complement to oppressive heat.
Dub reggae is an especially powerful music to hear on a humid night.
Our family participated in the RELAY FOR LIFE fund-raising event for the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY last night. I had hoped to spend the night at the site with them, but someone had to stay home with the dog.
So, shortly before midnight, I drove home.
DUBUQUE baked in unusually (for early June) summer-like temperatures. Even driving home in the middle of the night, I saw crowds of people outside -- their brick homes acting like ovens.
Buh-dum-puh-duh-PISH! Buh-dum-puh-duh-PISH! Buh-dum-puh-duh-PISH!
I drove with the windows open and the absolutely essential reggae compilation "DON LETTS PRESENTS THE MIGHTY TROJAN SOUND" blaring from my car stereo speakers. Buh-dum-puh-duh-PISH! Buh-dum-puh-duh-PISH! Buh-dum-puh-duh-PISH!
The album contains a few dub-reggae tracks, and their sense of suspended musical animation perfectly suited the slow progress of life around me on an extraordinarily hot night.
It's cooler but still humid today -- and my night-owl, cancer-fighting family members remain asleep after pulling all-nighters at Relay For Life.
I'll listen to more dub reggae today. It'll always be a soundtrack to my summer.


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