Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Listening to the legendary wolf

"Shake for Me," "The Red Rooster," "Going Down Slow," "Back Door Man" and all the others...
I'm listening to HOWLIN' WOLF today, astounded at how much of his sound and how many of his songs provided a template for so much ROCK to come.
Today it's the Chess Records classics "HOWLIN' WOLF (THE 'ROCKING CHAIR ALBUM')" and "MOANIN' IN THE MOONLIGHT" that provide the soundtrack for driving to and from work, as well as walking music.
"The British blues scholars who were captivated by the brash, electric Chicago blues style saw Howlin' Wolf as nothing less than a living legend," wrote David Dicaire in "Blues Singers: Biographies of 50 Legendary Artists of the Early 20th Century."
Listening to Howlin' Wolf today, it's easy to hear that the legend lives on.


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