Friday, May 20, 2011

Tales with tails

We all have our favorite tales -- fictional or real -- about Canis lupus familiaris, the first animal to be domesticated.
This week, ROUTE ONE readers share their favorite dog stories by answering the FRIDAY QUESTION:
"What's your favorite tale about man's best friend?"
ROSEANNE H. -- Our Flanigan is wearing a protective cone over his head so he wont lick the incision on his leg. We take it off so he can eat and drink and then he comes right over to have us put it back on. He is so smart we think he understands why he has to wear it.
KERI M. -- Old Yellar. And the book Inside of a Dog. Or something like that.
ANNIKA H. -- Once upon a time there was a crazy dog named Rory n we bought her THE END.
JIM S. -- When I was just 4 or 5, we had a little tiny dog named Joe. Why, I don't know. But my dad - who was only 26 and somewhat of a jokester - liked letting Joe drink some of his Pabst or Hamm's beer. One day, Joe got a little tipsy, tottered out to our front stoop and fell off the side. Fortunately, it was a short fall and Joe bounced right back up.
ERIK H. -- We acquired our dog Rory at such a young age, you could almost say she was raised by our cats. She lounges in patches of sunlight on the floor like the cats, she sits on the top of the couch like the cats, she comes running when I open something with the can opener like the cats (who are ever hopeful I'm opening a can of tuna) and she even waits in line with the cats when I dole out the catnip.


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