Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Enjoying the other Queen

We listened to online Irish radio coverage of QUEEN ELIZABETH II's visit to IRELAND this morning.
As a small recognition of the occasion, I decided to listen to the other QUEEN while driving around today.
I picked "SHEER HEART ATTACK," the band's third album, from 1974, and as I listened to "Brighton Rock," "Killer Queen," "Stone Cold Crazy" and the other tracks, I was struck at how *different* Queen sounded to their contemporaries.
Mud, Alvin Stardust, Paper Lace and the Rubettes were among the British hit-making acts that year, and Queen sound nothing like them.
Much of the credit surely goes to FREDDIE MERCURY and the multi-tracked vocals that became Queen's trademark. Mercury's remarkable vocal range and creativity give many of the songs on "Sheer Heart Attack" their distinctive, timeless quality.
It's a joy to hear.


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