Friday, May 13, 2011

Sweet! It's Friday

It's inappropriate to trumpet the arrival of FRIDAY when you're only on your second day back to work after an 11-day vacation, so I won't dwell on it.
Too much.
I did decide that today would be a good day to listen to THE SWEET, the British glam band of the 1970s.
They were an elementary school favorite of mine -- "Fox on the Run" was a huge hit back then.
Today, I am listening to a clutch of earlier singles -- songs they recorded before the now-ubiquitous tunes like "Little Willy" and "Ballroom Blitz."
I love the three hits they released in 1971. "Funny Funny" was their first single to chart in Britain, reaching No. 13. "Co-Co" was the first big hit, landing at No. 2, and "Alexander Graham Bell" is ridiculously catchy. It reached No. 33.
The Sweet might be one of the reasons I am such a music fan today. Their catchy tunes captivated me at a young, impressionable age.
Two of the founders are sadly deceased -- vocalist Brian Connolly and drummer Mick Tucker.
Guitarist Andy Scott and bassist Steve Priest continue to make music. Unfortunately, they front competing versions of The Sweet.