Monday, May 23, 2011

Good dumb craic

The cursing is atrocious, but it's all good craic.
I've lately become wildly enamored of RTÉ Television's RUBBERBANDITS, and their December 2010 single "HORSE OUTSIDE."
The video, found here on YouTube, features a rather simple plot.
The two ne'er do wells of the Rubberbandits (a LIMERICK comedy duo) offer equine transportation to a pretty bridesmaid (portrayed by the gorgeous Irish model MADELINE MULQUEEN) in need of a "roid" from the church to the hotel for the reception.
She could take a Honda Civic, Subaru or Mitsubishi, but why? The Rubberbandits have a horse outside.
It's all really stupid, but it makes me laugh.
You should check out the Rubberbandits' guide to Limerick on YouTube as well. It is equally stupid and funny.


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