Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Silverchair have earned their break

Daniel Johns, Chris Joannou and Ben Gillies want to do something different for the foreseeable future, and who can blame them?
For nearly two decades the trio have formed one of the most successful contemporary AUSTRALIAN rock bands, SILVERCHAIR.
News emerged this week that guitarist/vocalist Johns, bassist Joannou and drummer Gillies are calling an indefinite halt to band activities, to pursue individual activities.
I listened to my two Silverchair CDs -- "FROGSTOMP" and "FREAK SHOW" while driving around today.
Formed in Newcastle, New South Wales in 1992, Silverchair released "Frogstomp" in 1995, when the threesome were still high school students.
A slice of pure grunge, it topped the Aussie charts -- as did the band's next four albums, including "Freak Show."
The band's sound shed some of its influences by "Freak Show," and really came into its own on subsequent albums.
I have always loved their song "Anthem for the Year 2000," from the album "Neon Ballroom."
I'll have to get that one some day.
Silverchair have received a record 21 ARIAs -- the Aussie equivalent of a Grammy -- so they have probably earned their break.