Friday, June 03, 2011

Who are the overrated authors?

We all seem to have our noses stuck in books these days, reading every chance we can get.
All this book time got us thinking: We know some authors we consider underrated, who could be placed in the opposite category?
ROUTE 1 readers offer their opinions by answering the following FRIDAY QUESTION:
"Is there a classic author you consider overrated?"
INGER H. -- Definitely Dickens. His plots are absurdly unrealistic, and the melodrama just rubs me the wrong way. I think the novels of Anthony Trollope are far superior. Subtle, real, and seemingly effortless. All the more remarkable that they were written by a man with a regular, full time job as well.
LAURA C. -- Hemingway. I thought A Farewell to Arms read like a romance novel, and I told my high school English teacher so. He laughed...but agreed with me.
KERI M. -- No.
ANNIKA H. -- You. LOL. Just kidding. Shakespeare.
BEKAH P. -- OK, I know this is going to get me stoned by roaming packs of book club activists, but I am going to say... J.D. Salinger. I always thought his work was interesting, but I never considered it some kind of anthem or mandate on adolescence. I just thought it was an OK book that I wouldn't have read if it weren't for my AP English class.
KERSTIN H. -- Yea! I think that Skakespeare is sooo overrated! We spend to much time reading him and not enough time reading other great classics!
SASKIA M. -- J.D. Salinger, in particular the hype about "The Catcher in the Rye." I have never been able to understand the enthusiasm many people have about this book, it kind of bored me.
SANDYE V. -- Herman Melville. "Moby Dick," a whale of a borrrrrinnnnnnnggg book.
ERIK H. -- Charles Dickens gets my vote. His books seem so needlessly wordy, I can never seem to get very far into them.


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