Friday, August 21, 2009

FQ's Back to School Special!

It's BACK TO SCHOOL time again!
How do we know? Because here at ROUTE 1 H.Q., we have had to purchase a back-to-school item called a "GRAPHICAL CALCULATOR" for $120.
We don't even know what that is!
We do know it's the end of the work week, and time for this week's FRIDAY QUESTION:
"What was your favorite subject in school?"*
(* bonus points if it involved a graphical calculator.)
RICK T. -- I loved geography! That's one of the reasons I became a truck driver.
SASKIA M. -- Math and English (English being a foreign language for me).
BEKAH P. -- English -- hands down. And look where that got me -- writing for newspapers.
KERSTIN H. -- English. I love every part of it except the spelling.
MARY N.-P. -- Actually there were many - I loved high school (Catholic girls academy in Boulder, Colo.), but math and science classes like biology and chemistry were just the best (so why am I in a "word" business?).
JEFF T. -- Science! And it still is today!
BRIAN M. -- History, either World History as a sophomore or U.S. History as a junior. Journalism/newspaper classes were a close second.
KERI M. -- Creative writing.
JIM S. -- I loved math, until it got too advanced (geometry and beyond tested my skills and patience). I remember in 7th grade taking the pre-test to see who would advance to algebra in 8th. I had always been advanced in math up to that point and felt I aced the exam. When I saw that my name wasn't on the list, I went home and cried. The next day, I asked Mr. Donatell to double check the results, and sure enough, I had passed. Very traumatic!
ERIK H. -- Art history. I used to sketch the pieces we studied, with little arrows and sidebars peppered around the notebook, accompanying the instructor's notes. If anyone has seen my journals, you know exactly what I mean.


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