Friday, August 14, 2009

Gimme, gimme shelter... and some photos, chihuahua, cookies, iPod...

Storm sirens recently sent the ROUTE 1 crew scurrying into the well-stocked storm shelter.
Well, "well-stocked" with things like, a washer and dryer, a treadmill, a tote of old soccer magazines... it was the basement, after all.
That experience got us thinking.
"Why don't we open that tote of old soccer magazines?"
Oh yeah.
That experience also got us thinking about this week's FRIDAY QUESTION:
"What one thing would you HAVE to bring with you into the storm shelter/bomb shelter/hidden bunker?"
MIKE D. -- If it was going to be long-term, my photo albums, so my family could look back and remember all the fun times we had. If short-term, chocolate chip cookies!
KERSTIN H. -- Big Bear.
RICK T. -- Pictures of my life and my wife and kids.
MIKE M. -- My tiny Dubuque bungalow has no bomb shelter, and I don't have an iPod Touch.
DAVE B. -- Pink Floyd's "The Wall."
KERI M. -- Besides my Boyfriend? My iTouch.
BEKAH P. -- Whatever book I was reading at the time. I count on other people to bring such necessities as water, food and clothing. But eventually, they are going to get bored sitting there with their ramen noodles, and they are going to want to enjoy the escape of a good story. Then the bartering begins...
MARY N.-P. -- Hmmm...husband? nooo; cats? nooo; dog? nooo? Family photos? Nope; dark chocolate? Yup, that's it!
JEFF T. -- In addition to all human family members... Pablo- our chihuahua!
ERIK H. -- I'd make sure my family made it down there (yes, even YOU, Rory). Then, I would bring my iPod. Hey... After this week's iPod mishap, would you really expect any other answer?


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