Monday, August 17, 2009

Swinging my umbrella as I walked

I left the car at work so I could walk home this evening -- it's a form of exercise that's far more interesting than spending an identical time (30 minutes) on the treadmill.
I listened to the wonderful TROJAN JAMAICAN HITS BOX SET as I walked.
The first disc covers 1960-67 and is full of classic tracks that chart the progression from Jamaican R&B to ska and on to rocksteady, before the rhythms sped up to form early reggae.
I must have looked odd(er than normal): I swung my UMBRELLA in time with the music.
I couldn't help myself!
Songs such as "YEAH YEAH BABY" by STRANGER COLE & PATSY TODD and "TIME TO PRAY" by THE MELLOW LARKS are almost too catchy for their own good.
I'll reverse the process tomorrow morning and walk to the office.
I'll probably listen to the box set again, too. I need more umbrella-swinging music in my life.


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