Thursday, October 16, 2008

Limited comfort during a sad, rainy drive home

It rained all the way, to and from the airport in MOLINE, ILL.
ROUTE 1 apprentice ANNIKA and I drove my MOM and STEPDAD to the airport for their return trip to RENO, NEV., yesterday.
I was sad driving back to DUBUQUE.
I hate living so far away from the rest of my family.
Annika couldn't provide much companionship en route home from the airport: She was taking one of those naps in the car that features a back-tilted head and an open mouth. She was ZONKED.
No conversation available, I turned my attention to "SPEAK NO EVIL," the classic album by WAYNE SHORTER.
Trumpeter Freddie Hubbard and pianist Herbie Hancock were among the musicians to back tenor saxophone star Shorter.
I listened closely to songs such as "Witch Hunt," "Infant Eyes" and "Dance Cadaverous."
"Speak No Evil" is one of my most cherished albums, but it offered limited comfort during a sad, rainy drive home.


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I answer your question,

That is my voting information.
I voted PC,
mainly becasue I don't think that the Prime Minister has done anything wrong to the country.

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