Sunday, September 21, 2008

The "relaxed, easy beauty" of "That's the Way"

We spent much of the weekend outside, camping in MONTICELLO, IOWA yesterday and last night, and attending DUBUQUE'S COMMUNITY PICNIC today.
Driving from EAGLE POINT PARK and COMISKEY PARK in search of FREE CUPCAKES, the girls and I drove around with the windows down and "LED ZEPPELIN III" wafting out of the car stereo speakers.
I love the one-two, easy going combination of "TANGERINE" and "THAT'S THE WAY."
In "LED ZEPPELIN: THE STORY OF A BAND AND THEIR MUSIC (1968-1980)," Keith Shadwick writes of the "relaxed, easy beauty" of "That's The Way."
"The simple acoustic guitar and mandolin patterns of the first four minutes make much of an unresolved major 7th chord and the absence of drums, in the process maintaining a great intimacy of communication."
"That's The Way" is surely among the most beautiful songs in the Led Zeppelin canon, and the song -- and the album it's on -- complemented our outdoor endeavors quite nicely today.


Blogger Brian Cooper said...

After our weekend guests headed home, Madame X and I made a belated visit to the picnic at Flora -- just as the band was playing its final notes. I turned down the cupcakes. How were they?

6:08 PM  

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