Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dreams and Batman scenes: A comparative study

I am trying to decide which is weirder -- the dream I had last night, or a certain scene in the 1966 "BATMAN" film.
In the dream, work stopped at the office and we all sat in classroom-style chairs to play a sort of bingo game, devised by ROUTE 1 reader MIKE D. We all had sheets of paper and various "chips," which were really small bits of hard candy, colored glass, plastic and shirt buttons. I thought Mike had given me too many, so I handed back some of my "chips." As a result, I really couldn't participate in the game.
Amateur psychologists might say this dream confirms the suspicions of my family members, who often suspect I am not playing with a full deck. In my dream, I was certainly not playing with a full complement of game chips.
So that was weird.
I have been watching the 1966 film version of "Batman" during my lunch breaks this week.
Yesterday, I watched the scenes in which CATWOMAN, masquerading as Kitayna Ireyna Tatanya Kerenska Alisoff ("Miss Kitka") lures BRUCE WAYNE into a trap.
He escapes (because he is really Batman), and the super criminals decide upon a different tack.
PENGUIN uses a DEHYDRATER to render five underlings into small piles of dehydrated matter. He then instructs Catwoman to sweep each pile into a vial for safekeeping, cautioning her with:
"Careful, careful, every one of them's got a mother."
I decided that the film took a turn from the wacky to the weird at that point, so I clicked off the DVD and returned to work
Little did I know, more weirdness would come once I laid me down to rest.


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