Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm thinking of a certain Rick Dees novelty song

This week, ROUTE 1 readers look back with a degree of disco disdain by answering the following FRIDAY QUESTION:
"What was the worst thing the disco era gave us?"
KERSTIN H. -- The hair, the shoes and the clothes!
RICK T. -- Disco shoes! Platform shoes for guys?
MARY N.-P. -- OK, the disco era was kind of a guilty pleasure for me (I remember my date and I winning a disco dance contest at this hoppin' club once -- oh Lord, did it really happen...), but my husband would say that everything about the disco era was awful and should be eliminated from musical history accounts.
BRIAN C. -- Polyester suits.
KERI M. -- I wasn't alive during the disco era, but I am going to say: Staple itself into our musical history books.
MIKE D. -- Tight pants and leisure suits.
MIKE M. -- Disco Demolition Night sounds bad.
ERIK H. -- Rick Dees and His Cast of Idiots released (unleashed) the song "Disco Duck" when I was 10 years old. I will never forgive him.
It was catchy enough to bore its way into everyone's heads, where an abrasive "duck"-sounding voice would plague people's good sense.
I still hate that song, decades later.


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