Saturday, March 29, 2008

I swear right now it feels like underground

It was hard dragging myself to work today, and not just because it is a gorgeous Saturday and I have to cover a MONSTER TRUCK SHOW.
One of my friends lost his position here recently -- blame it on the bad economy -- and the place seems overwhelmingly somber, even with nobody else on the premises.
I think that's why I listened to LLOYD COLE & THE COMMOTIONS and their 1984 college rock classic, "RATTLESNAKES."
This jangly British pop album served as "comfort music" for me in college. Hearing songs such as "Speedboat" conjure memories of homework-free days with a bunch of us sunning ourselves on the side of a reservoir.
I could also relate to Cole's lyrics, too:
"It wasn't my style to find surf in my eye, it was much more my style to find sand in my eyes."
I thought about Cole's words as I drove to work today.
There's a line from the track "Four Flights Up" that seems particularly appropriate today:
"We're living four flights up, but I swear right now it feels like underground."
Well, I'm currently on the third floor, but everything else rings too true.


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