Sunday, September 09, 2007

"Bye and bye I will hear the angel sing"

And in all likelihood, at least this time of the year, that angel might be singing:
"Throw it to Vincent Jackson! Throw it to Vincent Jackson! No! Not Antonio Gates... throw it to Vincent Jackson!"
Then, Vincent Jackson will look like he is about to catch a sure touchdown pass, but the perfectly thrown pass will bounce harmlessly off his shoulder pads onto the ground.
Today, when I wasn't yelling at the TV, slapping my head with dismay or furtively checking to see if D.J. Hackett had scored for Seattle (he hadn't), I was listening to the mournful, 80-year-old gospel songs of BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON.
I can't seem to get enough of Blind Willie these days.
Here is what Geoffrey Himes wrote of Johnson in a 1990 issue of The Washington Post:
"Johnson's raspy voice takes some getting used to, but once you do, the drive and passion of the music will grab you and not let go. Johnson's versions of "John the Revelator," "I Can't Keep From Crying" and "If I Had My Way" are so compelling that it is easy to understand why these hymns became staples of the '60s folk revival."
Blind Willie Johnson's songs -- recorded on simplistic equipment and weathered over the eight or so decades -- sound like they come straight out of some mysterious depth.
They provide comfort, too, especially when you beg the San Diego Chargers to throw to Vincent Jackson, and when they finally do toss the ball his way, the wide receiver on your fantasy team lets the ball bounce harmlessly onto the ground.
Grrr! D'oh! It's gonna be a loooong fantasy football season.


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