Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Deadly is the Film Snob

I am *THIS CLOSE* to becoming one of those dreaded FILM SNOBS.
Consider the evidence:
1) I already bore my friends and family to tears with over-excited, rambling tributes to MASAKI KOBAYASHI (director of "Joi-uchi: Hairyo Tsuma Shimatsu," "Kaidan" and "Seppuku" -- the latter being the best-directed film I have even seen).
2) When we go to the cinema, I make the girls sit in the so-called "FILM SNOB SEATS" -- in the middle of the third row from the front -- even for kids' fare such as "Happy Feet" and "Ratatouille." They'll thank me for it later.
3) Last night, I was tempted to organize our DVDs by CINEMATOGRAPHER, rather than the current system or organization by director.
I was watching Joseph H. Lewis' "Gun Crazy," aka "Deadly is the Female," the 1950 B Movie classic starring Peggy Cummins and John Dall as a pair of firearm-obsessed love birds on the lam.
The jaw-dropping cinematography is by RUSSELL HARLAN.
"To Kill a Mockingbird," "Blackboard Jungle" and "The Great Race" are among his works to have been nominated for an Oscar. Remember "Operation Petticoat?" Harlan shot that one. He also shot "Rio Bravo" and "Red River."
Harlan rules! I could easily organize a separate Harlan section of DVDs.
Of course, that would be one more step toward dreaded FILM SNOB status, which might be too much for somebody who is already a MUSIC GEEK.


Blogger mike said...

OK Erik, if you had to pick only one, what is the best movie ever made?

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