Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Speed up, slow down, go all around in the end"

I am listening to GUIDED BY VOICES ("Tractor Rape Chain," to be exact) and trying to figure out how cycling will ever recover from this year's continuing series of cheating calamities at the Tour de France.
"Parallel lines on a slow decline -- tractor rape chain."
Tour leader Michael Rasmussen was removed from the race by his team today, apparently because he lied about his whereabouts last month, when he missed a drug test.
"In the first place, it's probably just paranoia, but there's a ghost in my room."
The Tour seems to have been rocked by a scandal about every two days or so.
I have actually lost count of how many riders have been sacked or arrested or quit with allegations of drug use so widespread.
"Better yet, let's all get wet on the tractor rape chain."

Ah... but Guided by Voices were such a great band. Short. Catchy. Memorable. That's their songs.


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