Sunday, July 22, 2007

Someday my bodywash will come

I was still in the bed of the pop-up camper.
Any overnight breezes had long since stilled, and their removal marked the beginning of the day's steady, upward rise in temperatures.
I lay with sweat on top of grime on top of dirt on top of more sweat.
I just felt... disgusting.
I had yet to take a shower in the "Bath house/Storm Shelter," as the bathrooms at the Elkader, Iowa campground were so oddly named.
So why was I smiling?
The John Coltrane solo on "Someday My Prince Will Come," the Disney tune title track of Miles Davis' underrated 1961 classic.
After Davis, pianist Wynton Kelly and tenor saxophone player Hank Mobley play for a bit. 'Trane comes storming into the frame.
This solo always brings a smile to my face.
No offense to Mobley, but his preceding solo seems rather ordinary compared to the fountain of notes that keep spilling out of Coltrane's sax.
The album marked the final studio pairing of Miles and 'Trane.
If you have never really heard John Coltrane and you want to know what all the fuss is about -- listen to this tune.
If you want to survive a weekend at a hot campground -- just keep thinking about bodywash and the long, hot bath that can cleanse away the soot of the campfire.


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