Saturday, July 28, 2007

Music for one of *THOSE* days

If I could have stayed in bed all day, I think I would have stayed in bed all day.
I was tired from a seemingly endless week at work (one of my stories this week -- about ice falling through a woman's roof -- required many phone calls with sources) and I was a little depressed (a natural "comedown" after the excitement of seeing that ice story picked up by media outlets as far afield as Shanghai?).
So I wish I could have stayed in bed all day.
I couldn't.
Jill has gone to Florida, so I am parenting solo this week.
The kitchen also needed cleaning and some errands needed running.
So, forced out from under the covers, I drenched myself in COUNTRY BLUES.
FRANK STOKES' "T'Ain't Nobody's Business if I Do" is one of those classic acoustic blues songs that I could hear over and over again.
I added some SKIP JAMES, ROBERT JOHNSON, BLIND BLAKE and MEMPHIS MINNIE to the mix, resulting in a humid concoction that took my mind off my troubles for a while.
What troubles?
Well, I have to work tomorrow. I have to cover the demolition derby at the Dubuque County Fair.


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