Sunday, October 20, 2013

Now I know where to buy some canned pony

I'm really enjoying reading the IAN FRAZIER book, "TRAVELS in SIBERIA."
The subject matter interests me -- it's an area of the world that's become synonymous with remoteness -- and Frazier packs interesting information onto every page.
Early in the book, Frazier relates his experiences in ULAN-UDE, the capital of the eastern Russian REPUBLIC OF BURYATIA.
This passage helps sum up the cultural differences Frazier encounters:
"He said that Buryats became ill if they did not eat enough horse meat, and that some families in Ulan-Ude kept a side of horse frozen on the balconies of their apartments in the winter. He added that you could buy canned pony year-round in Ulan-Ude."
I like the way Frazier reveals the facets of life he encountered in Siberia. It provides a perfect form of armchair travel for the reader.


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