Saturday, October 05, 2013

Third wave ska lifts the grey gloom

Another day of dark, gloomy GREY SKIES, heavy with rain, threatens to send me into an unwanted Saturday lethargy.
Perhaps some THIRD WAVE SKA will help?
I'm listening to an 18-song playlist featuring three songs each from six American bands that kept the spirit of SKA alive in the 1990s, the musical movement known as "third wave ska."
NO DOUBT, REEL BIG FISH, THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES, SAVE FERRIS, THE TOASTERS and GOLDFINGER enjoyed varying levels of success (with Gwen Stefani the poster girl for leaving "alternative" music behind for the bright lights of the mainstream), but each were launched to pay musical tribute to the Jamaican sounds they loved and they did their part to keep the party jumping and skanking.
The playlist features a mix of big hits ("Just a Girl," "The Impression That I Get"), rather funny covers ("Take on Me," "99 Red Balloons") and some simply killer ska-punk tunes ("Someday I Suppose").
Above all, the playlist provides an upbeat alternative to the outside gloom that makes morning seem like night in our home.


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