Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I wish I had more Broncos on my fantasy football team

Three weeks into the season and I have had a FANTASY FOOTBALL revelation.
I should have picked more members of the DENVER BRONCOS.
After defeating the OAKLAND RAIDERS last night, 37-21, the Broncos lead the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE with 127 points.
My problem is that my fantasy team doesn't benefit enough from all of those points. My team lost this week to fall to 0-2-1 (yes, my team tied in the first week -- the closest I have come yet to a win).
Last night, Denver wide receiver Demaryius Thomas caught 10 passes for 94 yards, but was kept out of the end zone.
My only other Denver representatives, the defense/special teams, produced a mere three points. They didn't have to produce many points, with the way Denver's offense is playing.
I clearly needed to draft more Broncos.
I also already recognize I have one too many members of the struggling NEW YORK GIANTS on my team.


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