Sunday, September 08, 2013

I think I might be too emotionally tied to the 49ers

I survived the first SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS game of the NFL season.
I say "survived," because I never really enjoy their games unless they are convincing, blowout wins. I have too much emotional entanglement with the team to be able to just sit back and enjoy the game.
That's probably because the 49ers in my mind are inseparable from the person who taught me to like them -- my late father, GEORGE HOGSTROM.
His fervor was apparently contagious. 
I remember my dad as living and breathing 49ers football until his 1992 death. My girls probably think the same of me.
I have snapshots he took of San Francisco playing at Kezar Stadium -- the team's pre-Candlestick Park home -- and the photos serve as a reminder that my family's connection with the team trace back about a half century.
The 2003-2010 struggling era of the 49ers didn't impact me too badly, I admit. I think this relatively calm was because as seemingly perpetual losers, the 49ers' games really didn't seem to mean much -- except as frustrating reminders of the Super Bowl-winning glory years.
Now the acute emotional connection is back, now that the team is expected to perform well.
That emotional chain between us means I struggle to simply sit back and enjoy the contests.
Of course, I could be tired after a day at work and none of this theory makes any sense.
I suppose that remains a distinct possibility.


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