Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Audible evidence of Led Zeppelin's early potential

I have been listening to LED ZEPPELIN'S DEBUT ALBUM and one of the band's 1969 live bootlegs while reading about the early rehearsals for the group that would become iconic messengers of rock.
Guitarist JIMMY PAGE carefully selected the three other components of the band, including vocalist ROBERT PLANT and the rhythm section of bassist (and keyboardist) JOHN PAUL JONES and drummer JOHN BONHAM.
The chemistry was noticeable from the group's earliest practices.
In "Led Zeppelin: The Story of a Band and Their Music," Keith Shadwick writes:
"With the bottom end meshing from the start, Page knew he had the right musicians. In Plant, already an accomplished blues shouter and someone he privately knew to be interested in and capable of a great deal more than that, Page was also aware that he had the perfect front-of-stage focal point. The band already had more potential than he could reckon with."
The earliest LED ZEPPELIN songs provide audible evidence of this potential.


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