Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pixies' song always brings back bad memories -- of Sea Monkeys

I just read about the recording of the 1991 PIXIES album, "TROMPE LE MONDE," in "FOOL THE WORLD: THE ORAL HISTORY OF A BAND CALLED PIXIES" by Josh Frank and Caryn Ganz.
"Trompe Le Monde" is the band's final full-length studio album.
I admit: "Trompe Le Monde" is the Pixies album I hear least frequently, despite such songs as "Planet of Sound," "U-Mass" and "Letter to Memphis."
Another of the album's memorable songs, "Palace of the Brine," tells of witnessing brine shrimp -- the "SEA MONKEYS" of comic-book advertising fame -- in the "wild" of a desert lake in Utah.
Whenever I hear the song, I'm forced to remember my own history with the tiny crustaceans. Every time our family tried to keep Sea Monkeys as pets, one of the shrimp would devour his mates -- growing mysteriously larger as his cannibalism took deadly hold.
Maybe that's why I don't listen to "Trompe Le Monde" that often. It brings back too many bad Sea Monkeys memories.


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