Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Great sound on a cold day

You've got to love a band who appropriate their name from the name of a fictitious band in the dystopian Anthony Burgess novel, "A CLOCKWORK ORANGE."
That's my take on things.
It helps, of course, if the band made intelligent SYNTH-POP that sounds great on an unseasonably cold day. Then it's really easy to love a band like HEAVEN 17.
MARTYN WARE and IAN CRAIG MARSH who were original members of THE HUMAN LEAGUE.
They formed an electronic music production team called BRITISH ELECTRIC FOUNDATION upon leaving the Human League, then drafted in vocalist GLENN GREGORY to form Heaven 17.
The music they made stood out from a rash of other synth-pop combos of the early 1980s.
Critic Aaron Badgley writes:
"Unlike so many other synth-pop acts, Heaven 17 doesn't rely on the barrage of beats and orchestra hits to conceal poor lyrical content. Gregory is a sensational vocalist and together with Marsh and Ware has written intelligent lyrics that take center stage in the songs."
One of my cherished 12-inch singles back in the day was the Heaven 17 classic, "(WE DON'T NEED THIS) FASCIST GROOVE THANG."
The song had a tougher dance edge than many of its contemporaries, and the political lyrics set the song apart, too.
I'm returning to Heaven 17's music today both because our weather is so cold, and the band's sound was so great.


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